Our Story

Sometimes, you have to drop the mic to really find your voice…
We left a global, Fortune 500 company at the peak of our careers. We were disillusioned by an industry — which starts and ends with human connection — treating people as commodities. For too long, we saw management consulting, staffing, and recruiting companies setting a low bar, while careers and livelihoods were at stake. So we walked away, put everything on the line, and set out to create a better way. Dynamo is a new model for what technology services should be: valuing people over transactions, and getting it right the first time. But we know it’s not about what we say, it’s about what we do.

That’s our story. Now let’s hear yours.

The Dynamo Team

Michelle Wingard

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Motivated by the belief that progress in our world requires curiosity, community, trust, and a fearless leap forward. Fortunate to work with brilliant minds pioneering the way value is created in the field of Technology Services. Dedicated to helping lead and build a better way.

Clark Schnase


Life-long Husker with a particular affinity for all things data and currently living the dream in the pacific northwest. I have a passion for working with talented people in exceptional organizations and believe in an unwavering focus on the customer. Dad to 6 awesome kids and a love of the outdoors and traveling abroad.

Cameron Ludwig

Vice President, Strategy and Management Consulting

Driven by the notion that adaptable, human-centric organizations will outpace less nimble ones. I am obsessed with understanding the dynamic practices, techniques, and skills organizations need to master to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Husband, father, and podcast aficionado.

Galen Helton

Vice President, Strategy and Operations

Colorado transplant who learned at a young age about service and inclusion, acceptance and family, and the values of working hard and keeping your commitments. Proud husband and dad. Golf enthusiast. Anti-Jaysker, but avid fan of the Jaysker Debate. Believer in doubling-down often.

Adam Saad

Head of Product Management

Canadian entrepreneur turned into a U.S Product Manager. I've pursued my passion for learning how to solve for the customer while enjoying living in the great cities of the nation such as Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Miami. In constant search of new patches of sand on the beach to sit and stare at the waves

Jessica Perrigan

Data Analyst

A slightly unhealthy love for data and process documentation, but also a true believer that a process without a purpose is pointless. Passionate about Dynamo's goal of redefining the purpose of tech services—real solutions positively impact companies, employees, families, and communities. Dog mom, but often taking in stray cats and a knack for creating all things crafty.

Danielle Short

Delivery Manager

Traded in my cubicle, never looking back, and consistently amazed at the craftsmanship within the tech industry. I’m energized by teams working towards next-generation solutions and helping them get there. Coffee-dependent, proud army brat (Hooah!), fan of most sports, dog mom. Continuously learning from those who love what they do…happy hours just make it more interesting.

Abby Horst

Office Manager

A sincere love of consultant relations and their success inspired me to join Dynamo for an opportunity to create an energizing environment from on-boarding to completion to redeployment. Proud Floridian, but lover of all things Omaha. Pop-culture enthusiast, cookbook hoarder, resident expert of all shows Alaska and Gilmore Girls, "Adulting" Advocate, and a firm believer that tacos are a food group.

Aaron Tschuor

Delivery Engineer

Hoosier-born, Omaha transplant coming to Dynamo from the eCommerce space. A love for the business of technology and helping people build cool things. Creighton University student-athlete alum of the Men’s Golf Team and a couple degrees. Lover of all things golf, gaming, and art (an internationally exhibited artist at that). Frequenter of Jimi D’s, FAN of Creighton Bluejays, Cubbies, Colts and Fong’s Pizza.

Kasey Clary

Product Manager

Escaped the world of corporate finance to pursue a passion of people, technology, and finding a way to merge my entrepreneurial interests with my day-job. I've dedicated my personal endeavors and career toward "giving society what it wants, but does not yet know how to get, at scale." - Naval Ravikant. Loves to travel and connect with people from all over the world. Combat sports enthusiast, big-time podcast consumer, economics, personal finance and tech nerd.

Gretchen Franco

Sr Business Analyst

With a deep passion for engaging with others and a strength in generating possibilities, I am driven to find creative solutions to technology challenges within the constraints every evolving organization has to work within. I've found a home in Omaha and despite believing life would take me somewhere far away, I have come to love and appreciate The Good Life. Human mom, dog mom, wife, and semi-professional DIY-er.

Luke Armstrong

UX Designer

As a curious explorer of what might be possible I seek the hidden and barely visible opportunities that might result in transformational outcomes. I have been fortunate to spent nearly two decades collaborating at the intersections of entrepreneurship, communication, design and software. Whether in the kitchen, studio or lab you'll find me playing near the edge.

Josh Skinner

Lead DevOps Engineer

A passion to drive technical innovation by automating the mundane and collaborating on high-value streams brought me to Dynamo. I enjoy solving complex problems and unwinding legacy codebases in favor of a cloud-first approach. Iowa native, but eyes on Colorado to live off-grid with my lovely wife and pile of hardwoods.

Andy Harms

Product Manager

I find great opportunity in ambiguity with a focus on the most important things and the ability to find and discard waste in complex processes. Husband to a wonderful wife, dad to 3 amazing kids, husker fan, hiker, gardener, amateur builder, outdoorsman, and northeast Nebraska farm kid.